# installation

This guide will install channeltime on your server. And tell you how to retrieve the operator token.

# Dependencies

  • docker
  • docker-compose
  • openssl
  • text editor (nano, vim, emacs, etc.)
  • domain/subdomain
  • git
Ubuntu docker install
apt install docker.io
apt install docker-compose

# Installation

create a directory and cd into it. (you can choose any directory)

mkdir /home/$USER/channeltimeServer
cd /home/$USER/channeltimeServer

# step 1

download installation files.

git clone https://github.com/leo-lox/channeltime.git


cd into ./channeltime

# step 2

edit config.env and replace all values containing ### with your preferred values

nano ./config.env

# step 3

change the permissions of install.sh

chmod +x ./install.sh

execute install.sh


the install script will install channeltime and ask you if you want a certificate from letsencrypt. Type y to install it. (recommended)

# Operator token

after the installation your operator token is logged in the console

if you accidentally closed the console you can check the logs with

docker-compose logs gateway

the operator token can only be used once! Its used to create a new user-token with operator access.

checkout the update guide so you dont miss a beat

# backups

# backup

userdata is saved in /INSTALLDIR/data just backup everything in there.
Currently channeltime does not have automatic backup functionality.

# restore

to restore git clone the install files and put your data dir in the same directory.
Then run install.sh and type n when the installer asks you to override existing files.